Who Wants To Be A Skittler?
Date: Wednesday, 24 May 2000 @ 00:00 BST
Topic: London Skittles

Just after our low-key evening on Tuesday, after we had gone home to our beds, "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" was running on ABC in the States. In fact it was the "Tournament of Champions". Contestant Dan Blonsky (a former $1 million winner) got the following question for $32,000:

"Which of the following games is most closely related to the English game of skittles?"
A: darts B: ping-pong C: bowling D: shuffleboard

As there's an on line version you can play along with at home, it seems a lot of Americans started doing a search on skittles. The London Skittles site now ranks highly on many of the search engines (second only to the site for Skittles sweets when searching for "skittles" on AltaVista). Consequently this site got its highest ever hourly hit rate between 1am and 2am BST.

Meanwhile back in the studio, the contestant wasn't sure and decided to ask the audience. The results were:
Blonsky had already used his 50/50 lifeline but still had his phone-a-friend lifeline remaining. He decided to go with the audience though and guessed "shuffleboard", which meant of course that he went home with one thousandth what he did before.

Thanks to Jerrell Brenner, Walt Wayne and others for this story

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